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NKY Forum Announces Fall Schedule | 9/26/2014

NKY Forum Announces Fall Schedule
The NKY Forum offers a platform for different points of view to be presented and discussed. This fall they are facilitating three presentation/discussions. They include a Judge Executive candidate debate, a view of public service from two members of the family who launched the KFC franchise and a discussion of why Texas seems to be drawing so many people and companies to the state and how our region can compete.

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Video Competition--Vote For Your Favorite! | 10/9/2014

Video Competition--Vote For Your Favorite!
The Through My Eyes video competition submissions are closed as of October 10. The videos, created by professionals and amateurs, are being judged and finalists will be announced the week of October 20. The winners will be selected by public vote. So go to after October 20 to vote for your favorites!

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"In these tough economic times, it is hard to overestimate the importance of aligning and networking public services. I am confident we can do that while preserving the unique identities and intimacy of our communities. "
-Chuck Scheper