"Vision 2015 is bold. It's a challenge to everyone in the community that says, if a prospering community is what you want, then roll up your sleeves and play a part in the vision."
-Jim Votruba


Catalyst for Growth

Vision 2015 is a catalyst for growth, created to work with the community on a plan for Northern Kentucky’s future. The difficult challenges of the 21st century require regional thinkers, conveners and problem solvers.

The Future of Northern Kentucky

Vision 2015 is a shared public plan that represents the region’s priorities. The plan contains specific action steps to achieve the region’s goals and measure the impact of those goals. The complete vision is more than just a plan; it’s a call to action that the entire community must own and embrace. Northern Kentucky’s future depends on our ability to work together to find creative solutions to the economic and social issues facing our region. Vision 2015 is our guide.

Vision 2015 has always been an intermediary, connecting the dots so that the right people and organizations are identified for the right tasks. But we also have a broader role, bringing leaders and creative thinkers to the table in order to promote systematic, sustainable change. Examples of such change can be found in our most recent annual report.

Northern Kentucky is a region recognized for its ability to work together and get things done, a concept known as “collective impact”. Vision 2015’s annual report focuses on the five pillars of the collective impact model: common agenda, measuring results consistently, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and backbone support organization. Using these five pillars and working with community, business, government, education and other leaders from both sides of the Ohio River, Vision 2015 helps establish and guide a common agenda for Northern Kentucky.